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                                           50 L x 20 W x 15.5 H 

                             SEA BRIGHT SKIFF COFFEE TABLE

          The Sea Bright Skiff evolved on the New Jersey shore in the mid 1800's as a
     fishing boat and yacht tender.  It was also known as the "New Jersey Skiff".  The
     original boats were built with steam bent oak frames and were lapstrake or "clinker"
     planked with cedar, pine or what ever was locally available.  The primary propulsion
     was supplied by oars, but many were rigged to sail with small spritsails or leg-o-mutton

          This quarter-scale replica was crafted from the lines of the "Lizzie" which were
     developed from old photos of the boat taken at the turn of the century.

          This replica represents the skiff under construction on a typical boatwright's
     strongback with keel, keelson, frames ,stern and sheer clamps in place awaiting planking.
     The strongback sits on the mahogany frame base.  The only thing needed to authenticate
     this setting would be an ankle deep layer of wood shavings around the boat without the
     mahogany base.

          This coffee table replica was built by a retired boat builder in his shop on a one at a
     time basis.  Each carries a unique hull number.  The actual boat in this stage would
     have no paint or varnish yet.  However, this piece has been coated with a satin poly-urethane
     too protect the wood (and make it easier to dust).

    This item is FOR SALE for $995.00. Please refer to the PRINTABLE ORDER FORM
    for details or E-mail inquiries to bohboats@aol.com