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Length: 14 ft.
Beam:   4 ft.
Weight: Rowing version 150 lb.
        Sailing version 200lb.

           These whitehalls were lofted by the famous small boat designer/builder

       John Gardener and featured in his book Building Classic Small Craft.

       Lapstrake construction was used with Atlantic white cedar planking over

       steam bent oak frames.  Seams were epoxy glued and planks were riveted to

       frames.  Seats and transom are mahogany.  The boats are finished bright

       with varnish over clear epoxy. These boats are excellent performers

       either rowing or sailing.

       They were both built in 2003.

     The rowing version is water tested but unused and the sailing version (sprit-rig with

     tan bark dacron sails) was sailed twice.  Row____ sold   Sail_____10,000.

     Contact bohboats@aol.com for details.