The builder’s woodworking activities started out in his early years with all
           sorts of projects as a kid including an airplane at age seven.  (Actually only one
           wing was completed and it was too heavy to carry up from the basement).  Although
           unrecognized at the time, a wonderful seventh grade wood shop teacher who had an
           obsession with the importance of the hand plane was a big influence in the future
           boat builder’s capabilities.

                A degree in economics and a career in business and marketing followed with
           wood working projects on a hobby or as needed basis.  This included a house
           building project and building a boat in the living room(but that’s another story).

               An early retirement and ice boat building project led to the full blown boat
          building hobby that became an obsession.  Faced with the situation of creating an
          inventory of boats for personal use that has exceeded storing and mooring capacity,
          the builder began accepting building commissions to satisfy the hobby addiction.
          The rest is history.

                               MISSION STATEMENT

             To build quality custom wooden boats that are fun to build and fairly priced.
         If you would like to have a custom wooden boat of your choice built, please contact
         me at bohboats@aol.com