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                     BABYFACE NELSON

Length:  30 ft.
Beam: 6 ft
Weight: 2500 lb.
Power:  GM 350 cu. in. 275 hp.

        Babyface Nelson is a replica of the George Crouch designed

    gold cup racer. The lines were drawn in 1923 and Baby Bootlegger

    was constructed by Nivens of New York in 1924.  She won the Gold Cup in

    1924 and 1925.

         This replica was cold molded with the bottom constructed of one

    layer of 1/9-inch mahogany plywood, two layers of 1/8-inch western red

    cedar (all at a 45 angle to the keel and a 90 angle to each layer)

    and a final layer of 1/8-inch African mahogany horizontally planked.

    The topsides and deck were three layers of western red cedar and one

    layer of mahogany.

        The boat performs well and takes one back in time to the days of

    the roaring 20s.  This classic design was way ahead of its time.

    The boat is a multiple show winner.

        Babyface Nelson was featured in "Waterline Magazine",Volume 14 Issue 4,

    published by the Water Wonderland Chapter of the Antique & Classic Boat Society.

    She was also featured in the September/October 2003  issue of "Classic Boating".

    You can also see Babyface Nelson along with many beautiful classic and replica boats

    and antique cars at the 2003 Bay Harbor Concours D'Elegance.


        See Babyface Nelson as the cover story in the new Winter 2004 edition number 22 of

   "EPOXYWORKS" magazine, which has just been put online.